Plataforma Digitales | asegúrate que los usuarios te recuerden

Plataformas Digitales | Ventajas y desventajas de tus plataformas

Digital platforms

Todos tus en un solo lugar

Share a global experience with the users of your platform

Strengthen the value of your brand

Customize each of the visual elements and make sure users remember your name. Add content periodically to stay current in the minds of your audience.


Easy and fast registration
Secure login
Customizable look & feel
Reports and analytics
Wherever you want and whenever you want

Easy and secure entry. Our platforms are friendly, intuitive and created for all types of audiences

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    Complement your event

    add value

    En Sinergis creamos contenidos versátiles para las plataformas digitales

    Versatile content

    Materials and information that will support you inside and outside your platform.

    Login en las plataformas digitales de Sinergis

    Custom registration

    By filling out their registration, each user will provide you with important information for the creation of your content.

    Simulive es un servicio estrella de Sinergis

    Live and SimuLive Webinars

    Give your audiovisual content a twist.

    Tecnología engage stream de Sinergis

    Engage Stream Technology

    Test your users' knowledge and increase your engagement.


    Digital platforms

    Organiza tu evento

    Ahora tus contenidos vivirán en un solo lugar. Nuestra inteligencia artificial permitirá que tus usuarios naveguen de forma intuitiva y segura dentro de tu plataforma.