Organización de Eventos Virtuales e Híbridos | Tendencia 2022

¿Qué es un evento virutal o híbrido?

Virtual or Hybrid Events

El futuro es

The best of the physical and virtual world in one place 📹

Create connections

Generate links between your speakers and your audience. The physical location of your event will no longer be a limitation and you will reach more people than you expected.


real time interaction
any type of screen
immersive experiences
remote connections
lower production cost

Organize unique events or do them periodically to increase your ROI.There is nothing better than keeping your content fresh and updated

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    Complement your event

    add value

    Sinergis Recording Studio

    Create any type of audiovisual content with the best quality.


    Your speakers will be in charge of inviting your attendees with videos prior to the event.

    Walls de interacción social Sinergis

    Social interaction walls

    What is being said about your event on social networks? Find out in real time.

    Biblioteca de espacios

    Space Library

    Choose the perfect virtual space for your needs.


    Eventos virtuales

    Organiza tu evento

    Que la comodidad de tus asistentes se traduzca en generación de interacción. Lógralo con nuestros eventos virtuales.